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You Have the Power to Change Your Thoughts

Thought Series Part 8

Today brings us to the end of the thought series. Thank you for joining me in this mind exploration process. I've enjoyed sharing it with you and I hope you’ve picked up some helpful information.

To wrap up, I’d like to show you the effect your new, positive, useful, and valid thought has on your emotions, physiology, and behaviour because it can help to see why it’s worth doing this work.

I used the following thought for the ANT process:

ANT: I am going to be alone forever.

EMOTIONS: Sad, defeated.

PHYSIOLOGICAL IMPACT: Heaviness in my chest, tightening around my mouth, twitching near my eyes and fluttering in my stomach.

BEHAVIOUR: Withdrawing, stopping efforts to meet new men, seeming uninterested and distracted when I do meet potential mates.



That was a real downer, no? Compare this my new though, and the impact it had on me:

NEW THOUGHT: “That’s not true! Meeting the right person can take time, and I am doing all the right things in the meantime.”

EMOTIONS: Optimistic, hopeful, happy.

PHYSIOLOGICAL IMPACT: Lightness in my chest, expansive feeling in my upper body.

BEHAVIOUR: Smiling, continuing my efforts to meet men, going on dates, making conversation with people wherever I go – shopping, the dog park, the elevator, etc.



What a difference one simple thought can make. Pretty amazing, huh?

Imagine if, over time, you changed all of your ANTs into useful thoughts.

How would you feel?

What would your life be like?

The thing is, you have the ability to make those changes. It takes work, yes, and it’s absolutely possible. Isn’t it worth it if you can be feeling so much better about yourself and your life? For your body to be feeling well? For you to be an fully active participant in life?

You have the tools, now go out and use them!

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