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Medical Intuition for Dogs (and Humans)

It’s been almost a year since I adopted my dog, Molly. She was found wandering on a median of a busy highway near Houston, Texas with no collar, identification, tattoos or microchip. She was taken in by a rescue society and given the name Cupcake. When I found her profile about two months later on Petfinder, I knew she was the one. She got spayed, got her shots and was flown up to me here in Canada in less than a week, at which time I immediately changed her name to Molly.

My vet’s best guess was that Molly was about a year old when she arrived. Although she was underweight, and didn’t know any commands or how to walk on a leash, she was otherwise healthy. She was anxious at first, having endured a plane trip to a new place, now in a new home with a stranger. To calm her, I started doing Reiki (a Japanese energy healing technique) on her. When I would do this, I kept getting a strange sensation whenever I would pass my hands over her spine, like something wasn’t quite right.

I couldn’t help but wonder, what had Molly’s first year of life been like? Where had she lived? Was there something more going on with her that I didn’t know about? And how could I find answers to these questions?

It just so happens that one of my colleagues at Root Wellness, Susan Woodward, is a medical intuitive. What is medical intuition? Here is Susan’s explanation:

“Medical Intuition is the process of reading energy. The intuitive practitioner enters your energy field, and reports what she sees. Medical Intuition (MI) is a tool for supplementary insight. It tracks the nature and roots of conditions that have manifested as discomfort or dis-ease in the body. The role of the practitioner is to pay attention and report without censoring, questioning, or diagnosing what is seen. Most people will come to an Intuitive for a scan after other more traditional methods (Allopathic Medicine) of diagnosis have eluded doctors, specialists etc. or as a supplementary addition to their healing process.”

Susan’s medical intuitive practice is focused on working with humans, but she also works with animals, so I signed Molly up for a session with her.

The session was very enlightening. Susan scanned Molly and received a lot of information from her, including who had cared for her, that she had been treated badly by someone close to her owner (and what he had done), and she noted that Molly’s spine was not as strong as would be expected for most dogs her age due to her being malnourished before she came to me (although it was nothing too worry too much about). That explained what I felt along her spine while I was doing Reiki on her! And her malnutrition was also confirmed by her being on the overly skinny side when I got her. Susan also told me about Molly’s state of mind, and described our connection.

If I had any doubts as to Susan’s accuracy, they were all erased when she told me about a new injury Molly had sustained on her left hind leg. She saw some inflammation, redness and strain but said it was minor and would heal soon. Would you believe that about two weeks before the appointment I had noticed Molly favouring her left hind after doggy daycare one day, and running around on three legs for a short time? Since then she had been sensitive about that leg on and off.

I was thrilled with Susan’s reading as it gave me insight into Molly’s past before she came to me, and assuaged my fears that there might be some medical condition I was unaware of. Now that I know more of her background, I feel I can better plan my approach to caring for and training Molly. And although I’m not in need of a medical intuitive right now myself, if I ever am, I will definitely be going to see what Susan has to say!

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