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A New Way to Release Trapped Emotions

Do you ever feel like you’ve exhausted yourself trying to get over old emotions, but they still keep coming up?

I spent years of my life talking about my feeling with various counsellors, crying them out, screaming them out, and dancing them out. But after years of work, the emotions were still there, stuck inside of me. There were hurts I wanted to get past, anger I wanted to let go over, and pain I wanted to forget, but for some reason no matter what I did I was unable to move on.

Then I discovered Body Code.

But just before I go any further, I want to clarify what exactly I mean when I talk about emotions. Emotions are forms of energy, and each emotion vibrates at its own frequency. Some are low frequency, like shame, guilt and fear, while the high frequency emotions include peace, joy and love. When low frequency emotions get stuck in the body, they interrupt the natural flow of energy. Over time, these emotional block are thought to manifest as pain, symptoms, and mental and emotional illness such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Ok, back to Body Code.

I knew I had some low-frequency emotions trapped in my body, some of which may have been manifesting in difficult moods and uncomfortable symptoms, and I wanted them out! I had heard of Body Code from one of my colleagues, Kent Smith, who is a practitioner (and also a Registered Massage Therapist), so I went to see him to find out what it was all about.

According to Kent, Body Code:

identifies and corrects the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people. A lot of it deals with the health of the energy body where we release trapped emotional energies and correct blocked chakras and meridians.

When I went to see Kent, I lay down on his massage table, he connected with me on and intuitive level and checked in with my body to see if he had the energetic permission to do the work, which he did. He then, very methodically, ran through various body systems, organs, chakras and heath issues to find where my emotions were trapped. Once he had located the issues, he used a roller down my spine to release the trapped emotions. The intensity of the emotional block determined the frequency of the rolls on my spine. Some emotions were released with less than 10 passes, others took over 500!

It may all sound a bit mysterious and vague until you’ve had the actual treatment itself, but the ultimate question is, did it help me? Yes, I feel it did. I saw Kent for a series of about six to eight session over a period of a few months, and noticed that my mood had improved considerably and had become more stable. In addition, I noticed slightly fewer body symptoms. It wasn’t an absolute cure, but it definitely helped me feel better.

What I wasn’t expecting from Body Code but did gain, was insight into myself. I got to know myself better, and felt more at ease and at peace with what was going on inside me. Maybe that was the result of letting go of low frequency emotions, maybe not. Either way, I was happy with the results.

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