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"Kira has been pivotal on my journey with my business and personal life. She encourages and calls forth the best in my dreams and visions and helps me bring together the pieces to make it happen. Her incredible intuition has ignited key insights that have accelerated my growth immensely. I would highly recommend Kira as a Coach and Counsellor, I am so grateful for all that has unfolded since working with her. It has truly been life changing." Melissa D., Coquitlam BC

"With Kira's guidance I was able to acknowledge my feelings and emotions for the first time in years.  Through her I learned the importance of working through things from the past and present, so that I may embrace my future.  I let go of so much guilt and past pain opening up to happiness that I had not felt in years. Together with love, guidance, and nurturing I rebuilt my relationship with myself.  I am a happier, healthier, more confident person and I am in very much gratitude that Kira is in my life. She is an intuitive, knowledgeable woman who offers a safe, comfortable, supportive space to learn and grow." Adrienne F., Vancouver, BC

"I came to the realization that I had some unresolved issues from my childhood that I needed to address. I did a series of weekly sessions with Kira to work through these issues. Kira put me at ease right from the very first session, working gradually towards getting to the root of these feelings. With her warm and trusting demeanor, she guided me thru the necessary questions I needed to address from my past. Together we came up with a personalized healing strategy that I found to be very beneficial. I left each session feeling more at peace with the past, with a better understanding of myself, of the person I am, and why. I would definitely recommend Kira to anyone of my family or friends who would like counselling."   Lori H., Vancouver, BC

"Kira's ability to connect and understand my story is empowering. Her vast knowledge of nutrition, wellness, counselling, and life allow for connection and helped in many areas of my life. I would highly recommend Kira to anyone." Janice L., Vancouver, BC

"I cannot thank Kira enough for what she has helped me accomplish.  With her help I was able to make breakthroughs that lead to creating stronger bonds with the people that matter to me, and release emotions that impacted me in other areas of my life. Her energy was calm and non-judgmental, which created an environment that felt safe to open up in. Thank you so much." Tania S., Vancouver, BC


"I’ve had a very challenging year to the point of not knowing what to do with myself. I sought Kira’s help and wish I had done so sooner. Kira has helped me tremendously. She takes her time to listen carefully to assess my needs and with this she uses her knowledge and makes very good recommendations and even provides techniques which I can take with me to use in my daily life. She is compassionate and very patient and her calming nature puts me at ease. Kira is definitely someone I will continue to see to ask for advice and support as I try to search for a healthier lifestyle." Janet A., Vancouver, BC

"Kira has been my lucky charm for over a year now. My life and outlook on life has changed for the better.  I needed to talk to someone who is professional and non- judgemental. With Kira's guidance and counselling, my perspective on life has changed. I am now more reflective and positive and have accomplished goals that are related to my career and personal life." R.D., Vancouver, BC

"I worked with Kira for a few months, until I moved away. She is absolutely lovely: easy to talk to, encouraging, positive, and ready to give you a kick in the pants when you need it. I always left our sessions feeling really pumped up. Miss you, Kira!" L.F., Waterloo, Ontario

"Kira was very nice and patient. She made me feel really comfortable to tell her whats on my mind and what's bothering me. After seeing her once every 2 weeks for few months I have seen a big positive change in my life. She really helped me with my self esteem problem and gave me tips and techniques I can use to help myself in the future. I am really glad I had Kira as my counsellor. I feel a lot happier and positive now. I would definitely go back if there is something else I feel I need to work on." Eva F., Burnaby, BC

"I just moved back to Vancouver and I found Kira at Root Wellness. She was able to understand me, and provide me with input on what was troublesome in my life.  Kira has a fantastic demeanor, her own life experiences to relate, and the ability to adjust to attitudes or feelings quickly.  I found that comforting, and easy to take her comments at face value.  I enjoyed her 'homework', and was given a myriad of ideas for certain life/work situations. There is no doubt that I would recommend her in the future." D.W.M., Vancouver, BC

"Kira Lynne is a fantastic coach! She is very professional, empathetic and authentic. I've been working with Kira for four months and I can clearly see the how I have benefited and what I have managed to accomplish since we started working together." Faris Khalifeh, Vancouver, BC

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